What is a Trailblazer?

Our Trailblazers are a team of Tailwind loving athletes from around the world who help us spread the word of Tailwind Nutrition through stories, posts and racing. 

Our UK team were selected earlier this year from over 100 applications, and are now out there sharing their stories, achieving their goals and raising awareness about Tailwind in their local communities and online.

We're now expanding our presence in mainland Europe with the help of a growing Trailblazer team which we would like you to meet!



Eric Engelen

Maasmechelen, Belgium

Police Inspector & (Ultra) Trail Runner

I have always had a passion for outdoor sports and did about 25 races in competitive mountainbike where I especially preferred the long distance races at home and abroad. In addition, I practiced skydiving, mountain hiking and caving.

I discovered trail running by accident in the winter of 2015 and I was immediately sold to this beautiful sport. Three months later I walked my first ultra-trail over a distance of 51km. Since then I have walked about 20 ultra-trails and more than 40 trail races at home and abroad. Since 2018 I am part of the Team Scarabee NL team.

I got to know Tailwind at the beginning of this year via a Spanish trail runner. I had stomach and intestinal problems for years through gels and all kinds of sports nutrition, I often came across the finish line. I decided to try it and with success! Since I use Tailwind, I do not want anything else. Rocket-Fuel, for sure!



Marijke VdH aka HeartRunnerGirl

The Netherlands

I may not be the most obvious or fastest runner, but I still enjoy running. I love the challenge and like to try new things. In 2014 I started running and every year I tried a new distance. As a result, in 2017 I was at the start of my first marathon in Berlin. I think running a marathon is one of the best ways to get to know a city.

My goal is to eventually run the six largest marathons in the world and become a six star finisher.



Jasper-Frederik Joostens

Schulen, Belgium

I am Jasper-Frederik Joostens, 30 years old and I live in the small village of Schulen. I have been in contact with sport since childhood, thanks to my parents who are also very sporty themselves.I opted for football but stopped at the age of 21. I was looking for new challenges that my parents already found in trail running. I got the bug and have been doing this for 5 years now. As a soldier, I have the ideal circumstances to be able to train daily at work.

My highlights are several stages in Belgium but also the Cross du Mont Blanc and the Italian trail Monte Baldo where I finished 2nd. My next challenge is the Matterhorn Ultraks in Switzerland and the Belgian Championship trail. To achieve this, I get huge support from the team Scarabee trailteam NL of which I am a part of but also sports nutrition counts in this. I heard about Tailwind through word of mouth advertising. I got a sample and was immediately sold! Thanks to Tailwind, the training and competitions are easier. No stomach problems anymore, fuss with gellekes, bars... #gotailwind 



Beside the Dutch and Belgian trails, I also participated in a few big events abroad in 2018, for example Transgrancanaria 30K, Lloseta Xtreme 33K (Mallorca), Transvulcania 22K and Vertical K, Scenic Trail 27K and Vertical K, High Trail Vanoise Duo Trail 42K  and Vertical K and more to come in 2018! Looking forward to Limone Xtreme Skyrace and Vertical K (Limone, Italy) and Falco Trail 21K (Cehegin, Spain). 

Renate de Reus

Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Hi there! I am Renate de Reus, a 26 year old trail runner from the Netherlands. I live in Vlissingen, a city near the North Sea, surrounded by dunes, the beach and a few little (Dutch) forests. 

I am a team member of Team Scarabee,  As I said before I am a (trail) runner, but also like mountainbiking and other outdoor sports. I do all my training besides my full-time hospital job as a radiation therapist. 

I love to be outside, training 5-6 times a week and nearly every weekend I will compete in a race, most of the time Dutch or Belgian trails. My favourite distance is about half marathon, but abroad I like to do Vertical K's the most. Uphill running is my favourite! 

My first experience with Tailwind was great. I didn't like to eat while running; gels, cakes, sweets and other (trail) run food gave me pain in my stomach, sometimes I needed to slow down (or quit!) the race because of this pain. But Tailwind really surprised me. No bad taste, it's like water, easy to drink and with some power in it ;) So all use Tailwind, it is great!

And, last but not least, do have a look on my Instagram (@renatedereus) and Facebook account. Ask me questions about the races, Tailwind or other things if you want to know something!

Hope to see you on the trails :)



Marathon PB (road): 2:34 - Upcoming races: Dutch National championships 100km, Hardswold 80, Allendale Challenge (2019), Lakeland 50 (2019) and UTMB 2019.

Cees van der Land

The Netherlands

I’m a Dutch marathon, trail and ultra runner. I’m originally from the flat polder and despite my below sea-level origin I really enjoy running in the hills and mountains. After mainly running to maintain my fitness for football refereeing it was about eight years ago that I picked up my first training schedule to specifically train for a marathon and I’ve never looked back. Love the structure of a training schedule and monitoring the incremental improvements made during training cycles.

Since moving to the UK I discovered trail and fell running and I’m lucky to have plenty of trails at our doorstep in the North Pennines. Really enjoy the freedom of long runs on the trails. After chasing marathon PBs for years I’ve recently started moving to longer races. My first ultra was a 60km loop around the island of Texel (Netherlands), a flat course with lots of wind and long beach stretches, very hard to train for on the trails in the hilly Pennines! This year I’ve done my first 100 miler in Portugal with my brother crewing me, which was amazing. Another highlight was the Lakeland 50, such a great event.

Tailwind has proven to be very helpful in fuelling my long runs and during ultra events as shown by two wins, two second places and a third place in the five ultras I’ve done so far!




I've competed in mutiple IAU World Championship Trails (3 times), World Championship Skyrunning (2 times) and European Championhips Skyrunning (once). I’ve also been National Champion Trailrunning in 2015 and 2017 and National Champion Skyrunning in 2016. I love to do famous trail or skyraces from the world circuit like the Vertical Kilometer or races like Zegama Aizkorri and Glen Coe. But going to a small trail race that hardly anyone has ever heard about can also make a perfect day. Being outside, in nature's beauty, in the mountains, that's my passion!

Tim Pleijte

The Netherlands

Hi, I’m Tim Pleijte, 33 years young and running since I was about 19 years. I started running just to “get fit”. Shortly after I began doing local races I was storming the front pack. Turned out I had some talent. From doing these local races I went on to racing the big road races in The Netherlands. Races like “Zevenheuvenloop” and “City-Pier-City" with international status. I placed pretty high (top 10) in most of my National Races (10k, half marathon, cross country) But I actually enjoyed running cross country the most. Loved to be in the mud, sand, forest, whatever nature had for me ;)

So when a friend introduced me to Trailrunning I was hooked, immediatly. First I did those trail races as good training for my road races. But I loved it so much I quickly "changed" from a road runner (meep meep) to a trailblazer.

I compete in all kind of distances and terrain varying from Vertical Kilomter to a 10km road race to a marathon to a 90km ultratrail. Good to know, you can meet me anywhere!

You guys probably want to know how I got in touch with Tailwind. I never had a lot of trouble with gels, but I never was a big fan either. Most of the time gels are, to sweet, to much (in an ultra) and so on. I struggled the most on hot days. When I tried Tailwind, I discovered the taste was very “friendly” like water and very, very easy to mix. You can drink it straight away and goes down so easy. “Now that’s great stuff!” Is what I was thinking. And now here I am an official Trailblazer!

Hope to see you guys running somewhere,

Tim Pleijte




Sander Van Steenis

The Netherlands


My name is Sander and I run and cycle. I started running again in 2008, first shorter distances but always with the mindset to just be outside and feel free. This went completely wrong, in a good way, I think. I slowly got into running long distance and longer distances and sometimes for days on end. I call it my escalation model where one run escalated into ultra-marathons. I try to get out there as much as I can to enjoy the beach or forests I live close to and clear my head. I also love to get on my metal steed and explore the country and it’s good cross training too. 

When training for my first marathon, I found out that eating gels was not my thing and that I needed salt. After trying anything and everything on the market I found Tailwind and never looked back. I do all my riding and my longer runs and races with Tailwind. In ultra’s I tend to combine Tailwind with solid foods like potato chips and my all-time favorites banana and flapjacks! For me it’s the perfect combination to keep me going all-day. Tailwind provides the energy, salts and magnesium and the solid foods keep the empty feeling in my stomach at bay.


If you would like to know anything, you can find me on Instagram @sanderruns.