Tailwind Challenge

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Take the Tailwind Challenge!

If you don't love it, we pay your entry fee.*


It's simple: if Tailwind doesn't make you stronger, happier, and less stressed during training and at your next event, we'll pay your entry fee!

Just order the Tailwind Challenge pack - four large 50g bags bundled at 15% off - train with it, race with it, and if it doesn't blow you away, mail us your race entry fee receipt for a refund.


I took the Tailwind Challenge in September 2014. Having got my initial Challenge order from Alex at Tailwind Nutrition Sweden I was so impressed with the product I asked Jenny and Jeff Vierling, the founders of Tailwind Nutrition, if I could distribute the product in the UK. Thanks to word of mouth, recommendations and continued growth in the US I was quickly able to set up UK distribution, adding myself to the group of successful distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Mike Julien, Founder of Tailwind Nutrition UK


*Entry fee reimbursement is limited to 90 maximum, you must start the event to be eligible for reimbursement. To request a refund email us your entry fee receipt along with a small description of your experience with Tailwind.

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    Break through

    Posted by Kevin Woodward on 29th Jun 2018

    switched to tailwind for my triathlons,TT racing and running events.<br />After being recommended tailwind by a fellow triathlete who also suffered with gut bombs/stomach cramps whilston the run I decided to buy a sample pack. <br />So I’m writing this review after 3x triathlons ( including a half Ironman) and lots of TT’s and half marathon. You can say I’ve put tailwind to the test over the last few months. <br />I have to give it 5***** no more stomach complaints, plenty of energy, a mild taste and no horrible sticky syrup. <br />Thanks tailwind I’ve already recommended your products to so many of my tri friends <br />Roll on IM UK Bolton

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    An honest(if a little graphic) review for those who suffer running stomach issues.

    Posted by Emma Cheung on 15th May 2018

    I have struggled to fuel for longer runs- stitches, toilet troubles, wind you name it. A friend suggested tailwind. Ill be honest, my first try ended in disaster(not sure if was just bad luck, a dodgy tummy etc.) but I could really feel the difference to my energy levels so gave it another try and I am so glad I did. For the first time ever I was able to fuel with no stomach issues, which meant no dips in energy, no dreaded wall, and a strong run to the finish. I was injured the last 4 weeks of training and still got a marathon PB of over 30minutes. I honestly tried everything before this, and I mean everything. Whilst for me it is not perfect(I doubt anything will be, with my stomach-I will never trust the fart) the difference between this and all other methods was massive. If like me you struggle to fuel, don't suffer- buy tailwind and give it a try. Oh, and by far the best customer service you will ever receive.

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    Best thing I’ve ever bought, really!

    Posted by Daniel Simons on 9th May 2018

    After coming to the end of a few other products i’d been using regularly (high5/SIS gels, caffeinated/carb drink powder) I needed to stock up for a half Ironman I’ve started training for. I saw an advert for tailwind on a Facebook cycling page I follow (i know), but it had been liked by a couple of friends of mine who are serious cyclists giving it a bit more credence than your average advert! After a bedtime read of their website and seeing there was a bit more substance than first expected, I bought the Tailwind Challenge pack the next day. Can’t conplain value wise compared to other retailers and an offer of an event refund if I don’t think it’s better than my last products, what’s to lose?<br /><br />Roughly a month in and I can honestly say this is the best thing I’ve ever bought. I used to combine gels/carb drink with some solid foods but either lost energy on longer rides or lost my appetite for the stuff I have with me. I was quite stringent about ensuring I ate regularly but still had problems.<br /><br />I’ve done 40/50/60 mile rides so far and found this stuff to be fantastic, no other foods/gels/drinks used and I’ve had consistent energy with no spikes or bonks, impressive stuff! Currently using the ~3 scoops/hr advice but doubling up per bottle so ~6/bottle over 2 hours and working perfect. I got the berry and tropical caffeinated varieties, only tried berry so far but extremely palatable and mixes easily which is perfect.<br /><br />I’ve also used it on my long swim days, turbo sessions and spin classes and seen noticable benefits <br /><br />In summary well worth buying and on current performance will definitely be buying more when I eventually run out. Can not recommend highly enough!

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    Challenge accepted!

    Posted by Louella O'herlihy on 24th Apr 2018

    Only started using Tailwind last week...for two 3 hour bike rides and some shorter turbo sessions! Fabulous so far, loving the Berry flavour and looking forward to my Swashbuckler Middle distance Triathlon coming up in May. Just working out what to do on the run re nutrition as I don't carry bottles.

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    Magic powder!

    Posted by David Bradley-Jones on 11th Apr 2018

    This has completely changed my performance in endurance events, no longer plagued by stomach issues or nausea in the later stages, have used this now for numerous 5+ hour runs/triathlons with nothing else other than the occasional handful of crisps from an aid station. Great product, will be restocking soon!

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    Easy & convenient

    Posted by Katrina Dell on 6th Mar 2018

    I purchased the challenge pack purely to have a variety of flavours available for marathon training. I recently used it for a half marathon and mixed the naked and caffeinated raspberry flavours together in my camelbak, which for me worked well. I was worried I wasn’t a distance runner to warrant using Tailwind, but it’s for everyone so don’t be put off using it for the distance you race, it’s not just for ultra marathoners & we all start somewhere with race nutrition so may as well start on a good footing! <br />I ran through all water stations and over the littered gel packs feeling a bit smug if I’m honest. The camelbak washes clean and isn’t sticky compared to other products I’ve tried. Yet to try mixing it as a gel myself but my husband has tried it and worked well for him. All in all, so far so good!